What is IntegrART?

Art without borders – a Migros Culture Percentage networking project

Enabling artists with a disability to become part of the regular cultural landscape is not just a question of representation and social justice. Disabled artists bring new forms and experiences to the arts; they are an asset and broaden the spectrum of possibilities in art and culture. The inclusion of disabled artists is an advantage not only for cultural producers but also for audiences.

Through the networking project IntegrART, Migros Culture Percentage supports the inclusion of disabled artists in art and society. Since 2007, the biennial project connects festivals in all parts of Switzerland, presents national and international stage productions and organises symposia.

IntegrART-Symposium ‘It’s a Matter of Perspective’– 2 May and 3 May 2019, Zurich

The 7th edition of IntegrART starts on 2 May and 3 May 2019 in Zurich with the symposium. Around 100 artists, scholars,  cultural and political decision-makers, journalists, event organisers, self-advocates from the disability rights movement, cultural promoters and cultural mediators with and without disabilities will be discussing how non-normative perspectives expand different art forms and cross (aesthetic) boundaries. Following the theme, ‘It’s a Matter of Perspective’, participants will explore the creative potential of disability in the art world. For the first time the symposium will be conceptualised and realised by two agents from the areas of academia and art who are disabled themselves. Nina Mühlemann lives in Zurich as a cultural producer and disability scholar. Austrian dancer and scholar, Tanja Erhart, is based in London. 

Four inclusive stage productions visit Basel, Berne, Geneva and Lugano – 21 May to 9 June 2019

From 21 May until 9 June 2019 the partner festivals of IntegrART show selected stage productions by and with disabled artists. Two solo artists, from France and Mozambique, as well as a dance company from Portugal are coming to the Wildwuchs Festival in Basel, BewegGrund in Berne, Out of the Box in Geneva and to the ORME in Lugano. Additionally, IntegrART and its partner festivals are presenting a short piece which is the result of a new, inclusive training module taught for the first time as part of the bachelor’s course in Contemporary Dance at the Zurich University of the Arts.

Since summer 2018, IntegrART carries the of label ‘Kultur inklusiv’. In autumn 2018 IntegrART was awarded with the ‘Swiss Diversity Award’ in the arts category.