La Ribot (CH/ES) & Dançando com a Diferença (PT): Happy Island

21.05.19   Geneva, Out of the Box – Biennale des Arts inclusifs Tickets
23./24.05.19 Basel, Wildwuchs Festival Tickets
31.05.19 Lugano, ORME Festival Tickets
05.06.19 Berne, ‘BewegGrund.Das Festival’ Tickets

In Happy Island, fiction and reality approach a simultaneously lived and imagined dream. Under the guidance of the Geneva-based Spanish performance artist La Ribot, the dancers of the inclusive company Dançando com a Diferença have undertaken a journey through their desires and visions. They explore the unsettling intensity of the body as it decays and is reestablished, and create temporary dreamscapes with their subjectivity and imagination. Accompanied by Raquel Freires’ stunning film recordings from Maderia, they discover extravagant and intimate imagery which speaks about community and the demand for freedom in piercing clarity and infatuating sensuality.

Duration: 70 minutes
In Portuguese
Information on the accessibility of the performances can be found on the festival websites.

The dance company Dançando com a Diferença, based in Funchal, Madeira Portugal, was founded by Henrique Amoedo in 2001 with the goal of fostering the collaboration between people with and without disabilities and creating a platform for integrative dance. Under the artistic direction of Henrique Amoedo, who leads the company to this day, Dançando com a Diferença realised works by choreographers such as Paulo Ribeiro, Rui Horta, Clara Andermatt, Rui Lopes Graça or Tânia Carvalho. In 2011 the company was invited by IntegrART to show their pieces Lift your arms and Beautiful Peopledançando com a diferenç

Direction and choreography: La Ribot Performers: Bárbara Matos, Joana Caetano, Maria João Pereira, Sofia Marote and Pedro Alexandre Silva Choreography assistant: Telmo Ferreira Director of the film: Raquel Freire Light design and technical direction: Cristóvão Cunha Costume: La Ribot Artistic collaboration and direction of interviews: Josep-María Martín Interview participants: Emília Monteiro, Maria João Pereira, Bárbara Matos, José Figueira, Joana Caetano and Pedro Alexandre Silva Music: Francesco Tristano, Jeff Mills, Archie Shepp, Oliver Mental Grouve, Atom tm, Raw C + Pharmakustik Assistant director of the film: Valérie Mitteaux Editing: Raquel Freire Camera: Raquel Freire and Valérie Mitteaux Costume making: Laurence Durieux / Teresa Neves Performers of the Company Dançando com a Diferenca of the film: Aléxis Fernandes; Bárbara Matos; Bernardo Graça; Cristina Baptista; Diogo Freitas; Filipa Vieira; Isabel Teixeira; Joana Caetano; José Figueira; Lígia Rosa; Maria João Pereira; Natércia Kuprian; Nuno Borba; Pedro Alexandre Silva; Rui João Costa; Sara Rebolo; Sofia Pires; Sofia Marote; Telmo Ferreira; Teresa Martins; Vittória Vianna Executive producers: Henrique Amoedo, Diogo Gonçalves and Paz Santa Cecilia

HAPPY ISLAND is a coproduction by Dançando com a Diferença-Madeira and La Ribot–Genève. In coproduction with: Le Grütli-Centre de Production & de Diffusion des Arts Vivants- Festival La Bâtie-Genève and CN D, Centre national de la danse –Paris and « Celebrations of the 600th year of the discovery of Madeira and Porto Santo » - Portugal With the support of: La Fondation Ernst Göhner, AC/E (Acción Cultural Española), NAVE (Chile)

La Ribot- Genève is supported by: the Ville de Genève, République et Canton de Genève and Pro Helvetia Fondation Suisse for Culture. La Ribot is an associated artist at CN D, Centre national de la Danse, Paris, 2018-2019 Dançando com a Diferença is a structure financed by: República Portuguesa / Direção Geral da Artes; Governo da Madeira / Secretaria Regional de Educação and Secretaria Regional do Turismo e Cultura