ZHdK (CH): Stage Lab ‘Unforeseen Abilities’

23.05.19   Geneva, Out of the Box – Biennale des Arts inclusifs Tickets
25.05.19 Berne, ‘BewegGrund.Das Festival’ Tickets
27.05.19 Basel, Wildwuchs Festival Tickets
30./31.05.19 Lugano, ORME Festival Tickets

This short piece offers insights into the stage lab ‘Unforeseen Abilities’ by and with disabled performers and students of the bachelor’s degree programme in Contemporary Dance at the Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK. The piece is shaped by encounters between people whose range of expressions demonstrate great variety, and by openness and curiosity. The stage lab took place in spring 2019 under the direction of choreographer Emanuel Rosenberg. It is the first inclusive training module of the course Contemporary Dance at ZHdK in Switzerland.

Duration: 20 minutes
Information on the accessibility of the performances can be found on the festival websites.

Performers: Mark Wuest Schmid, Maximilian Preisig, Alfonso Cuomo, Nora Tosconi, Bérénice Durozey, Anna Manetti, Lara Müller, Gloria Tonello, Suzanne Vis, Francesca Lapadula, Elena, Christian Barbieri, Joëlle Petrini, Guglielmo Hug, Daniele Zanella Artistic direction Stage Lab: Emanuel Rosenberg, Teatro Danzabile Lugano Project coordination Stage Lab: Sarah Marinucci, BA Contemporary Dance ZHdK Artistic direction BA Contemporary Dance ZHdK: Samuel Wuersten Head of BA Contemporary Dance ZHdK: Gianni Malfer Professorship Choreography BA Contemporary Dance ZHdK: Dr. Friederike Lampert Production: BA Contemporary Dance, ZHdK in Kooperation mit Teatro Danzabile Cooperation partner: Institute for the Performing Arts and Film (IPF), SNF research project ‘DisAbility on Stage’ (lead: Anton Rey & Yvonne Schmidt), ZHdK Practice partner: BewegGrund. Das Festival, IntegrART, ORME, Out-of-the-Box-Biennale des Arts inclusifs, Wildwuchs Supported by: Federal Office for Equality of People with Disabilities EBGB