Thursday, 2 May 2019, Gessnerallee Zürich and Tanzhaus Zürich

Arrival 15.30 Arrival at Gessnerallee Zürich
Welcome 16.00 Hedy Graber Head of Directorate of Cultural and Social Affairs Federation of Migros Cooperatives
Andreas Rieder Head of the Federal Office for Equality of People with Disabilities EBGB
Roger Merguin Artistic director Gessnerallee Zürich
Isabella Spirig Project Manager Dance, Directorate of Cultural and Social Affairs Federation of Migros Cooperatives
Nina Mühlemann and Tanja Erhart Co-directors IntegrART symposium 2019

Comedy Performance 16.30 Edwin Ramirez (CH)

Break 16.45  
Panel discussion 17.00 The creative potential of disability: How does it affect our approaches towards art and art making?
with Jo Bannon (GB), Amelia Cavallo (USA/GB), Edwin Ramirez (CH), moderators: Tanja Erhart and Nina Mühlemann
Apéro riche 18.00  
Change to Tanzhaus 19.00 We make our way from Gessnerallee to Tanzhaus together by foot and level access public transport. As an alternative there is an accessible shuttle for those attendees who require it.

Performance 20.00 Claire Cunningham (GB), Jess Curtis (USA)
The Way You Look (at me) Tonight
duration: 100 Min. location: Tanzhaus Zürich
English with German surtitles, audio description in German (spoken word in English) and Swissgerman sign language


Friday, 3 May 2019, Gessnerallee Zürich

Arrival 9.30 Jenni-Juulia Wallinheimo-Heimonen(FIN)
Disrupting Purity
Art installation

Panel discussion 10.00 Different perspectives on disability: How do theory and lived experience inform each other?
with Colette Conroy (GB), Tanja Erhart (A/GB), Nina Mühlemann (CH)
PDF Key Note by Colette Conroy on Models of disability

Break 10.40  
Table talks 11.00 1 Your body determines how you experience art.
How we experience and perceive performance as audience members does not only depend on the performance itself. The experience is also affected by our own body, our surroundings and the before and after effects of a show. Why is it important to be aware of these factors?
1a with Jess Curtis (USA), English only
PDF Tabletalk 1a Your body determines how you experience art

1b with Alex Oberholzer (CH), in German and French
PDF Tischgespräch 1b Dein Körper entscheidet wie du Kunst erlebst

2 Disabled people make more exciting art!
The term ‘access aesthetics’ means that features which increase accessibility (such as audio description, sign language etc.) are used as creative strategies and are part of the artistic process from its very beginning. This technique has been developed out of the lived experience of disabled artists and is different from ‘regular’ access, where finished works are made accessible last minute. Is one thing better than the other?
2a with Claire Cunnnigham (GB), English only
PDF Tabletalk 2a Disabled people make more exciting art

2b with Nina Mühlemann (CH), in German and French
PDF Tischgespräch 2b Menschen mit Behinderung machen spannendere Kunst

3 Positions of cultural leadership are not meant for disabled people.
The arts sector and the cultural sector are built in a way that makes holding positions of power harder for disabled people. In Switzerland, for example, disabled people hold next to no positions of cultural leadership. What is behind this? Are there no qualified people? What needs to change?
3a with Kate Marsh (GB), English only
Tabletalk 3a Positions of cultural leadership are not meant for disabled people

3b with Tanja Erhart (A/GB), in German and French
Tischgespräch 3b Kulturelle Leitpositionen sind nicht für Menschen mit Behinderung gedacht
Presentation with everyone 12.00 Outcomes of table discussions
Lunch 12.30


Panel discussion 14.00 The Way You Look (at me) Tonight: Moving Perspective
with Colette Conroy (GB), Claire Cunningham (GB), Jess Curtis (USA), Sandra Umathum (D), moderator: Nina Mühlemann
PDF Response of Colette Conroy to "The Way You Look (at me) Tonight"
PDF Response of Sandra Umathum to "The Way You Look (at me) Tonight"

Active participation in three formats 14.50 1 Jo Bannon (GB)
Describing Mystery
Workshop, English only

In this workshop we will explore the creative possibilities of Audio Description as a generative tool for making and experiencing performance. We will look at singularities of how we individually see, what we believe, and the imaginative gap between what we see and what we can say. Participants will work with materials, improvisation, text and description to complicate perspective, unpick illusion, and produce mystery. This workshop forms part of Bannon’s early research into a new project around vision, mystery and faith.

2 Jenni-Juulia Wallinheimo-Heimonen (FIN)
Disrupting Purity
Interactive guided tour through the art installation

Finnish Multimedia artist Jenni-Juulia Wallinheimo-Heimonen guides the audience through her exhibition, ‘Disrupting Purity’, which includes short films, installations and textile works. The audience gets the opportunity to physically experience some of the works such as the ‘Parasitic prostheses’, intricately decorated prosthetics and outfits made to raise prostheses envy, and the ‘magic glove’ which responds with sounds to its surroundings. In conversation with Nina Mühlemann and the audience, Wallinheimo-Heimonen discusses how disability activism has informed her artwork.

3 Theater HORA (CH)
Freie Republik HORA – And what are you talking?
Workshop with Gianni Blumer (CH), Nele Jahnke (D/CH), Sarah Marinucci (CH)

The focus of the workshop is the ongoing project ‘Freie Republik HORA’ of the Zurich theatre HORA. A short introduction and some performed scenes, staged by HORA performer Gianni Blumer, give insight into the different phases of this theatre experiment. This short performance will also provide the basis to try out different formats of interactive audience talks developed as part of ‘Freie Republik HORA’ and in cooperation with the SNF research project ‘DisAbility on Stage’ at the Institute for the Performing Arts and Film of ZHdK. The following questions will be addressed: How do we talk about what we see? Who is talking? Who leads the discussion? And what non-language-based formats can shape the discourse?

Break 16.30


Panel discussion 16.50 Embodied Perspectives And Decision-Making in Choreography And Dance
with Marc Brew (USA), Kate Marsh (GB), Alessandro Schiattarella (CH), moderator: Tanja Erhart

Farewell 17.40  
Burlesque Performance 17.50 Amelia Cavallo (USA/GB)
End 18.00